• Asa Bennett is a music producer, composer and spatial sound consultant. Based in London, he has worked all over the globe over the last 10 years, from LA to Venice to New Zealand.


  •  A keen collaborator, he has been involved in many projects across a wide range of genres both as a composer and in music and spatial sound production. 


  •  Over the past 10 years Asa has worked very closely with Illustrious Company, the company founded by Martyn Ware (Heaven 17/Human League/Tina Turner) and Vince Clarke (Erasure/Depeche Mode/Yazoo) as technical director and composer. Illustrious specialises in spatial sound installations and has done over 60 projects worldwide. More details can be found at




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News Feed

"Criminal Audition" the new feature film by Director Sam Gridley, gets its World Premier at the Prince Charles Cinema on April 2nd 2019. Scored by Asa Bennett with Al Anderson, the Soundtrack has been described as Blade Runner meets Morricone. More details here;

"Degas: Passion for Perfecton" is on general release around the world from November 6th. An in depth look at the great artist and his work.

"Van Gogh - A New Way of Seeing" is being shown as part of ITV's "Great Art" series on thursday 17th May 10.45

"Van Gogh - A New Way of Seeing" and"The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch" are available on the ITV Hub as part of the  "Great Art" series. Both scored by Asa. Have a look at the Hockney and Manet episodes too, fantastic documentary making from Exhibition on Screen.

Van Gogh - A New Way of Seeing returns to the Cinema in March 2018. Find out more about the worlds favourite artist.

Exhibition on Screen's latest documentary on Paul Cezanne, the "father of modern art", is out in cinemas today. An edited version will be shown later in the year as part of ITV's "Great art" series. Music by Asa Bennett

Happy New Year to you all!  2018 kicks of with the ITV series "Great Art" which starts on Jan 4th at 10.45pm. A 5 part series, 3 episodes of which were scored by Asa. 

First off is  Canaletto & The Art Of Venice At The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace and features Soprano Jenny Bacon. More details here;

Very excited to announce Asa will be co-scoring the new film by Director Juliet Ellis, "Morning", with Mem Morrison. More details to follow, you can follow the progress here;                 

The latest Exhibition on Screen is released 26th September at Cinemas around the world. The latest artist to come under the spotlight is Canaletto and his home, Venice. More details here;

Music composed by Asa Bennett

"Michelangelo; Love and Death" is out in Cinemas worldwide from Tuesday 13th June. Music composed by Asa Bennett. See the trailer here;

Asa is currently scoring the upcoming Exhibition on Screen Feature about Michaelangelo. You can see the Trailer here; The full film is released in Cinemas around the world from June 2017.

The new Exhibition on Screen/Seventh Art documentary "The Curious world of Hieronymus Bosch" is out in cinemas worldwide. With an original soundtrack by Asa Bennett and also featuring Capella Pratensis singing pieces from the time of Bosch. To find a screening follow this link:


This week is the world premier of "Luminous" by Mem Morrison at the Norman Foster designed Willis Building in Ipswich as part of the Spill Festival of performance. An Album/Installation/Performance piece with 3D sound. The album was produced and spatialised by Asa.

The new Bakers Eddy single is out, produced by Asa. See the video here:

Rose Betts new EP is out on 21st September. Produced, recorded and mixed by Asa at his north London studio. 

The new Exhibition on screen/Seventh Art documentary is released in cinemas around the globe from November. This one is about the Hieronymus Bosch exhibition that happened in his home town earlier this year. The soundtrack was composed by Asa and also features the Accapella group Cappella Pratensis.

Asa has just finished mixing the new album by Indie Veterans "Piano Magic", to be released in the Autumn. 

Bakers Eddy's new single "Wallbreaker" (produced by Asa) is out now and getting great reviews. It also has a great video, see it here:

You can hear and/or download the first song from Ryan Edwards "The Cicada Sessions" EP here: recorded live and unaccompanied other than the sound of the Cicadas coming through the open window in the summer heat of Waikanae, NZ

Rose Betts latest single was produced by Asa Bennett, you can hear it here: let us know what you think!

The new Exhibition on Screen release "Painting the Modern Garden- Monet to Matisse" is premiered on 12th April at selected cinemas around the UK and on international release from 24th May. Soundtrack by Asa Bennett. See here for details 

Asa has just returned to the UK after a month of recording in New Zealand, including a week at the fantastic Roundhead Studios in Auckland. New releases coming soon from Bakers Eddy and Ryan Edwards.


Asa continues his collaboration with "Exhibition on Screen" with "Goya- Visions of Flesh and Blood" in Cinemas from Dec 1st, a documentary about the Goya exhibition currently being shown at the National Gallery.  See the trailer here:


The Soundtrack to "Van Gogh- A New way of Seeing" is now available to stream on soundcloud.


Asa has recently been working with Performance Artist Mem Morrison on a new project called "Luminous" which is premiered in Birminham on the weekend of the 25th/26th September. More details here:;

Asa recently composed the (spatial) soundtrack to Lucy and Jorge Orga's "Symphony for Absent Wildlife". A performance commisioned by Zegna for the occasion of the Milan Expo. Based on the sound of birdcall and natural sounds combined with bird whistles and fully spatial sound.          

Zahrina Bhimji's new film "Jangbar" was recently premiered in Miami. Sound by Martyn Ware and Asa Bennett

"Audrey Riley with James Woodrow - Tre Laude Dolce" is now out and available to buy, at Rough Trade records. A collection of compositions by Gavin Bryars which Asa was fortunate to be involved with editing and mixing.


The Trailer for the Van Gogh Documentary is now live: all music (for the Film and Trailer) by Asa. The Film is in Cinemas 14th April.

2015 is turning out to be the busiest start to the year ever. Recent projects include;

- The soundtrack for Exhibition on Screen's new documentary about Van Gogh, which premiers in April at all good Art House Cinemas (see here for details)

- An exciting new collaboration with performance Artist Mem Morrison details to come

- The release of Rose Betts "I Can Never Give my Heart" See her wonderful video here. Plus working on her upcoming EP

- An exciting new interactive with Hirsch and Mann

- Pre Production for the new Illustrious company soundscape in the city of Liverpool to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Cunard.

- Live sound with Berenice Scott who is promoting her recent album "Polarity" which featured production and mixing by Asa

- A new commision for a soundscape at the National Maritme museum.

- And finally AR records/Audrey Riley are about the release an album of Gavin Bryars pieces for solo Cello and Cello and guitar which was mixed by Asa

The Girl with a Pearl Earring Premiers at the Curzon Cinema Chelsea on Tuesday 13th Jan. More details Here:


The new Bakers Eddy Single, produced by Asa, can be heard here:

"Tū mokemoke" by Aotea Cornelius is out now, hear it here Produced by Asa Bennett

Asa has recently scored a new documentary about the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" picture for Seventh Art productions in association with the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague.

Read an interview of Asa talking about spatial sound: (Interview by Asa Butcher)

Bakers Eddy release their new single "Something Outside" produced and mixed by Asa Bennett. Hear it here:

2014-06-30 Asa has just relocated to a new studio space in North London, 5 minutes walk from Finsbury Park station (15 minutes from the west end). If you need to record a voice over or vocal or you  need your song producing, get in touch. Live in-house rhythm section also now available, top session players who have played with many big name artists, email for details.

Website for the new studio coming soon.

2014-05-28 Berenice Scott releases her new album on 2nd June with a gig at Pizza Express in Soho. The album features production and mixing by Asa Bennett. 

2014-05-01 Southwell Palace. Asa is installing a large spatial sound system as part of the renovation works at Great Hall at Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire. The soundscape will consist of didactic information about the history of the Hall as well as sounds from the Minster and recreations of historical events. The launch date will be June 2014.

2014-04-30 New Zealand. Asa has just returned from a 3 week trip to New Zealand, producing Aotea Cornelius, Bakers Eddy, Toni Gibson and an exciting new label project, details to be announced very soon.

2013-12-20 Still Born Still Loved website is now live A teaser will be available soon and the full documentary will be finished later in the spring. Music by Asa Bennett

2013-12 The new “We are children we make noise” album is now out on AR Records, recorded and mixed by Asa Bennett. Follow them here @wacwmsmusic or their website is here:

2013-11-10 Photos from the spectacular opening of the Strøm Festival in Copenhagen last August.

2013-03-10 Stills from the recent British Museum “Ice Age Art” exhibition!viewProject&projectID=139 and new pictures of an older project with Cadbury’s!viewProject&projectID=121

2013-08-12 New Album “DARK” from BEF (featuring guitar, programming and engineering from Asa Bennett)  (

2013-07-12 “House of Illustrious” 10 CD Box Set by Mute records. ( Music and spatial sounds from 10 years of Illustrious Company installations.

2013-02-04 Album launch for the We Are Children (We Make Sound) album.

2013-02-01 Short Clip of the Michael Clark show at the Tate Turbine hall Asa was involved in the spatial audio for this incredible project.